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Misr Boilers Company is considered one of the leading companies in the manufacture of steam boilers in Egypt with high specifications. The company has been committed to continuously improving the level of thermal efficiency of boilers, and has been keen to provide the best prices for steam boilers in Egypt. Environmentally friendly boilers manufactured according to advanced technology and expertise locally and globally.

The maintenance team of Misr Boilers Company provides steam boiler maintenance services in Egypt. The maintenance team has experience and high efficiency in diagnosing and repairing all types of faults in steam boilers, including leaks, pressure, temperature, mechanical and electrical parts. The team also provides regular preventive maintenance services to keep the steam boilers performing in the best possible condition and reduce the possibility of breakdowns.

Very low nitrogen oxide emissions are achieved.

The importance of steam boilers

Misr Boilers Company was able to provide a high-quality product at an amazing price, so it gained a good reputation in the chemical industry, as it became one of the major suppliers of gas steam boilers for a large number of large companies.

Since the steam boiler can reach a thermal efficiency of 98% or more after the fuel is completely burned in the large-diameter corrugated furnace, the high-temperature flue gas along the furnace is diverted back to the tobacco tube bundle area; After the heat transfer, the boiler flue gas temperature decreases gradually.

boiler rental companies in egypt
boiler rental companies in egypt

Steam boiler rental in Egypt

Misr Boilers Company offers a steam boiler boiler that is characterized by optimal combustion, low lost energy, low fuel consumption costs, and environmental protection. It consists of:

The furnace, or as it is known as the flame tube, is characterized by a large diameter that guarantees complete combustion, so that it is suitable for all types of fuel, and this is what distinguishes the boilers of Misr Boilers Company.

Boiler inspection doors: Its mission is to inspect and maintain the part in which the water is in the boiler.

Wet furnace or water furnace: It is the back part of the flame house, designed for the purpose of cooling through boiler water, as well as preventing a rise in temperature.

Optical hole: This hole allows observing the flame of the lighter in the back side of the flame tube.

Back door zipper: It prevents any damage from occurring during the fire process and increasing the flame.

The front door of the boiler: facilitates the cleaning of the combustion gases tubes.

Lighter optical glass: It is used to observe the flame from the front side.

Steam and water room: Its area is sufficient to give a constant amount of quantity and pressure even under variable loads.

Misr Boilers Company provides its customers with a service for renting steam boilers in Egypt at an amazing price, as it believes in the right of every customer to obtain the best possible service and satisfy him by all means, so do not hesitate to deal with it.

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