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Misr Boilers Company is one of the companies installing fire networks and pumps in Egypt and the Middle East

How do fire alarms work?

The alarm system is considered one of the critical components, and the beauty of the system in the installation of the building, and its leader is knowing how to deal with it, as fires usually occur suddenly without warning and spread in the place where the fire spreads, spreading quickly in the place.

This device can detect a site, determine its location, and alert people about it, and some devices have the feature of detecting fire forces.

There are two main types of fire alarms:

Manual alarm device: It is a device connected to a main electrical source inside the building in order to ensure that the alarm is triggered in the event of a power outage.

Automatic alarm device: This device

companies installing networks and fire pumps
companies installing networks and fire pumps

Companies installing networks and fire pumps

Fire extinguishing networks consist of:

Control panel: The firefighting network is the main axis of the fire control system, where all the wires are connected to it and prepared beforehand and put into operation. Training of staff on evacuation in order to be proficient in acting in the event of a real fire.


The fire extinguishing network contains a lot of sensors in the manual way that works after breaking the glass, and your writing

fire tube boiler generates steam at pressure
fire tube boiler generates steam at pressure

Fire pumps and pumps companies

Egypt’s companies are famous for their boilers, which make them the first choice among companies, and then this is the beginning:

The company relies on a team of trained workers specialized in installing networks and pumps, and members with great experience in the field that the company relies on together and has full respect and appreciation for them.
The company installs and supplies all kinds of fire systems.
The company calendar to the greatest degree of safety for individuals and establishments.
The company provides the best maintenance services.

How are fire pumps installed?

Misr Boilers Company provides to its customers a simple explanation of the method of striking a watch directly in the following steps:
Fire suppression occurs in areas where fire is located in the air.
The thread inside the pump must be to the bottom.
A special door must be installed for the valve in order to secure the network closure.
The pump must be installed on a bitter base in order to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the pump to the pipes.
A strainer must be put in place to prevent the entry of dirt and dust.

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