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Thermal energy boiling water companies in egypt

Misr Boilers Company is one of the leading companies in supplying and installing steam and water reducers in Egypt and manufacturing iron and stainless steel tanks.

It is worth noting that the steam boilers are manufactured according to European standards, so that the highest efficiency is obtained with less energy consumption, and they are manufactured in an easy-to-maintain design with high protection against high temperatures and pressure beyond the permissible limit, in order to use more than one protection system for each purpose.

Install steam and water reducers

In the installation work, the company relies on a specialized team of technicians with great experience in the field, and the company is keen to train them every period and provide them with everything new in the field of installation, whether equipment or modern advanced machines that facilitate their task, so that the customer finally gets a high-quality service at the lowest cost .

Misr Boilers Company is not an ordinary company like the rest of the companies spread in Egypt, but rather it is a specialized company with long experience in the field and enjoys a good reputation in every corner of Al-Mahrousa, and if you want to be sure, ask about the company’s previous work, you will find an honorable list of major companies and factories. Ali has unparalleled quality service at a very reasonable price.

supply and installation of steam and water reducers
Supply and installation of steam and water reducers

Why do you deal with Misr Boilers Company?

Misr Boilers Company, the largest manufacturer of steam reducers in Egypt, is honored to install steam reducers of all kinds and with all different pressures, whether screws or flanges, and the installation is carried out according to the needs of the equipment in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency for the required pressure.

Since its inception, our company has always been interested in providing international certificates for its business.

The company is keen to provide its customers with the best pre-sales and after-sales services, and the company offers a comprehensive range of ready-made solutions to customers through a specialized team with great experience in the field.

Misr Boilers Company is a large company specialized in boiler steam boiler business and is always looking for everything new and trying to develop its work to serve all business sectors and help them reach solutions to their problems and stop at the latest technological developments to serve a wide list of our customers.

We seek to improve the Egyptian industry and compete in the global markets by providing high quality products that exceed the quality of international products and at the same time at an appropriate and non-exaggerated price.

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